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Boardmasters (and my dying youth)

I went to Newquay last week to embrace five days camping by the coast, on a rather blustery yet wonderful hillside for Boardmasters surf and music festival.

Now, I’d heard rumours Newquay has become a bit of a ‘youth zone’, I’ve never been there so thought nothing of it; I’m still cool, I told myself. But I soon learnt one doesn’t realise how quite unyouthful one is until you are reunited with slightly more vulgar versions of your younger self. I say more vulgar because I was not a raging, cursing, racist youth, I was simply looking to fit in with, quite frankly, the uncool kids who I thought were the coolest; with our studded belts, extremely side-swept fringes and boxers on display. I mean,  potato guns, too much eyeliner and muddying up your trainers so you didn’t look like a newbie was the worst of it – as far as I recall.

But honestly, to be reunited is one thing, to be stuck on a small, stifling, understatedly ancient coach with all but three, four if you count the driver, pubescent teens, is some kind of karma I never quite planned for when sneaking out to gigs in London at fourteen.

They do always say karma balances things out eventually and my mother’s trauma of twelve years ago sure did come back to bite me in the ass.

A seven hour journey with no toilet facilities. Which, as the belching and farting had begun was somewhat of a blessing – no further potential to expel any other things that teenage boys expel… Don’t think too hard one that one.

The funny thing is, as my mothering moan rose up inside me ready to put these boys in their place, morally I was right to tell them to, “have some damn consideration”, “pipe down” and “shut-it” with the racist and complete, utter shit coming out of their mouths – it is disgraceful and will never be acceptable. But, much to my own surprise, I didn’t.

A strange, nagging, tug inside of me begged, “remain tolerant, reclaim your cool, do not be the mum” – though I knew I’d be doing everyone a favour. I can’t figure out what possessed me to refrain, but alas several hours passed by as I listened to my iPod and carried on pretending I was excited enough about the festival not to care.

Anyway, the journey back was unbelievably a much bigger disaster. In short it included an 8am start in the wet, windy, muddy field to pack-up, a frustrated hike to the very distant coach area, a  two hour wait for its late arrival, followed by a nine hour long journey with one brief pit-stop, inevitably involving a chocolate milkshake and some chicken selects from Mc D’s – I know, my inner green Goddess is crying – but damn it was good at the time. Final arrival time into victoria coach station? 9.30pm.

Oh well, there you have the shell of it! Now ignoring the sad organisation efforts of the coaches and festival team I’ll happily move on to the festival!

Few words required (I’ve said enough) here’s the photos! Not so many of the bands, I was having much too much fun to take any of them, silly! Seasick Steve, Nick Mulvey, Lower Than Atlantis and Faithless were incredible!

Campsite view, sunrise wake-up call by 8am..

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

A little oat, date and raisin bite for breakfast?

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

The weather was a 50/50 hot with the blue sky, grey sky ratio!
cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

On day two the sea beckoned and we all know what that means, chip shop chips with far too much salt and vinegar..

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

Followed by a cider with a view

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

and a bit of a toe dip in the refreshing (read: absolutely freezing!) sea

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

though some didn’t seem to mind the temperature

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

 If you look hard enough and you’ll see the surfer taking part in the competition.. No, I mean it, really stare hard.

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

We got the hair chalks out that I’d mentioned

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

It turned out a bit messier than expected

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

but the results?

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

We popped out with our fresh locks to see what was going on and quickly retreated from the Shaun of the Dead-esque scene in the (non-VIP, darling) camping grounds… Teenagers running-a-muck, high on dominoes and alco-pops… “Grab your Jerk chicken and run for it, girls!” So that was that, dinner and bed. Night two.

Feeling satisfactorily fresh the next morning (our tents hadn’t fallen in, weren’t peed on or blew away, so that was good) it was time for some yoga..

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

which I now know is significantly harder on uneven tufts of grass

(Note, this was the start and end of our practice, that hill paired with downward dog isn’t inviting to a hangover)

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

But still leaves one feeling completely virtuous and refreshed after; twisting, stretching and sleeping (drunken) pigeoning out all our aches from the coach and tent struggles

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

With a shower to follow – I told you we aren’t made for this festival lark anymore.

Hair wet and smelling good, I decided to rough it up with red (coral if I’m being pedantic, which I am).

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

Pink hair, don’t care!

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

Time for the VIP area – anything to save us from the terrors of the night before.

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

and day one of the festival starts – with ample bubbles to lift our spirits against the blustering winds!

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

 the VIP stage offered shelter and an acoustic set.. Ahhh, sweet, blissful peace

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

(only a touch less windy)

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

 Now, we all know I love cocktails and if there was one major perk of the VIP area it’s the Beetle Juice guys

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

 Surfer’s Paradise – that my dear, is Pina Colada made with coconut infused rum.. and we had them making it all day long!! Yes, you know you’re on holiday when you’re drinking this soon after lunch.. so much love poured in and a little extra alcohol, cheeky.

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

 All those bubbles and cocktails mixed with Lower Than Atlantis, Nick Mulvey and Faithless, you know the feeling…

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

 Hay! Hay! It’s Saturday!

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

Out in the sunshine, sat by some shipwrecks and a good ol’ pub on the hillside, as you do

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

 Seasick Steve being as charming and talented as evercat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

Us, as drunk as ever

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

Sun setting, we got revved up for the night’s performances! cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

 Rudimental headlining – the crowd went mental!

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

Sunday – time to finish all the wine and coke and ration the final scraps of food. (No, we didn’t manage the latter)

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015

Rations diminished we decided we must eat all the food we’d be staring lovingly at the last few days.. Cue, Dog Town London!

The Ultimate Chilli Dog…

mmmm.. freshly made cheese sauce and sweet fried onions on top of chilli and a dawg…

cat foley survival survival Dog town london  boardmasters festival newquay 2015

A most virtuous hot dog, organic and sustainably sourced meat with no additives and no extras.. Unfortunately their gluten free bun stock had been destroyed in a fire (typical) and my hopes were dashed!

But I’d set my heart on it and not one to be deterred, I proposed they kindly give me all the toppings, loads of chilli, with the hot dog and a side of seasoned chips!

Absolutely stuffed, we had to wait hours before anything else. (eat everything plan – not quite a success).

cat foley survival survival dog town london boardmasters festival newquay 2015

The night fell as we entered into a Bastille filled field of body parts all buzzing and jumping along …Completely hopeless at taking any photos but the atmosphere was electric (Read: hot, sweaty, squashed and too many hands in too many places)

Boardmasters, the bits in the middle were fun – but never again will I venture on a coach for that distance to anywhere. Ever.

Tell me someone else out there shared my experience?

cat foley survival survival boardmasters festival newquay 2015


Peace out people!



Words by Cat

Photos by Cat, Rachel and Lauren – Boardmasters true VIP veterans.  x

Boardmasters Festival – The Perfect Plan

Premeditating a festival is half the fun, well for people like me at least. However if it’s not your cup of tea, pint of cider etc… Let me help you with the basics. You’ve got a week to stock-up!

Cat Foley Survival Survival Boardmasters Festival 2015 Camping Cat

Your accommodation

Assuming you’re hardcore like me, you’ve got a tent, and this come rain or come shine is your home for the next five days, let’s make sure you’ve got it kitted out properly.

Your tent…

Have you popped it all together recently? Did you abandon the tent pegs in the mud last time and forget about it?

I mean, even if it does stand up (miracle) it probably needs airing out and the grass and dry mud from the last adventure to be swept out. Be sure it’s waterproof and windproof, sticks in the ground – reiterating here the need for guy (guide, as I say) ropes and tent pegs people!

The bed, floor thing you’re laying on… 

Blow up that lilo before you go. It may have sustained damages in storage or perhaps you were too drunk to realise you’d been laying on the ground for the final night of your last trip.

Pump it, then Black Eyed Peas style it and pump it harder, then sit on it for a while. If it does need any repairs now’s the time. Either buy a kit (probably a good idea to have one anyway) or if it’s that bad (you had a firework display in your tent) buy a new one! And don’t forget the extra repair kit just incase.

OK, just get the basics right…

You may have one of those super warm caterpillar/mummy sleeping bags or a light summer one, either way I’d advise an extra blanket – too hot or cold it works as either a lighter cover or an extra layer.

And again, maybe hang the sleeping bag on the line, there’s nothing worse than filling your tent with damp or sweaty smelling items on day one.

Please let there be light!

Don’t forget you’re in a tent, no electricity! At night you’ll need your head torch or hand torch for finding your way back and a decent light to avoid bumping heads with your tent mate (unless, of course, you mean to, cheeky.)

Morning matters, trust no one

How do I look? Can you truly trust the reply? Don’t forget your trusty mirror!

Where are you having that first cup of tea… Feeling a bit stiff from your slightly soft lilo, the ground isn’t too inviting? Yes, you might fancy bringing a camping chair.

Smell ya later

No really, will they? Don’t forget the cleanliness essentials and a few more for extra spruce!

  • Face wipes
  • Wet wipes (never trust the loo roll will always be in stock)
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush (Duh!)
  • Deodorant – the least effort you can make to smell fresh, think about the children!
  • Hairbrush, considering the man bun, *swoon* I’d say this applies to both sexes
  • Body wash – you can actually buy dry body wash from Boots now, no water required, if that’s the way you roll (I’m not judging you)
  • Dry shampoo.. it’s not about being grimy, it’s about the extra volume!
  • 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner –  every second counts, don’t hog the water
  • Spray scent – some kind of perfume or aftershave that isn’t in a glass bottle is essential, keep it fresh!
  • Or you could just dive in and go surf fresh!

Cat Foley Survival Survival Boardmasters Festival 2015 Ben Skinner - Tyron Mackenzie.jpg

ALL eventualities

Hot weather (pleeeease!)

  • Suncream
  • Sunhat (yes, they are cool, sunstroke is not)
  • Sunglasses (not fake ones, let’s not go blind before 25 young’uns, get proper eye protection so you can see the bands)
  • Flip flops
  • SPF lip balm
  • Bottle of water (get a reusable bottle that’s BPA free – no poisoning yourself)
  • Light layer to cover your shoulders and back if you get burnt (ouch… Just don’t forget the SPF!)

Cold weather (that’s night-time folks)

  • Extra layers
  • Windproof and waterproof jacket
  • Socks and more socks
  • Your best woolly hat – that coastal wind is cutting
  • A fleece – don’t laugh, they’re the best thing, ever (Apart from my duck-down FatFace coat)
  • Gloves, hat and scarf, you dummy

Cat Foley Survival Survival Boardmasters Festival 2015 SNOOPDOGG_SAMNEILL_01

Wet weather (I’m a planner not a pessimist)

  • As above, plus..
  • More extra layers in case the others got damp (c’mon your mum always told you to bring a hat and extra pants)
  • Your wellies
  • Umbrellas aren’t practical for walking about the festival but work wonders at the campsite.. or for a night run to the loo!
  • Black bags for waterproofing – anything and everything
  • Duct tape – that stuff sticks, seals and waterproofs anything!
  • Ponchos… Everyone loves a poncho. (It’s the only place they’re half acceptable)

Cat Foley Survival Survival Boardmasters Festival 2015 Poncho Pals

Saving pennies

I would suggest sticking to the guidelines and finding out what you can (beer, cider and wine – no glass) and can’t (spirits, gas stoves, BBQs) bring.

Otherwise my stash is going to include some essentials to save a bit of money and to help me to remain at least 20% healthy between all the on-site food and save on any early morning or late night searching for some pre/post party fuel!

  • Plastic cutlery
  • Plastic cups / wine glasses if you care for class
  • Wine in a box (don’t judge me)
  • Bananas (all the potassium to help cure a hangover)
  • Apples to cure a thirst
  • Breakfast bars – I’m going to make my own (recipe to come, read: festival snob) but Quaker Oat So Simple are my second favourite choice; the honey or maple syrup are delicious and now they do a chocolate protein one, don’t get me started!
  • Then I’m going to go wild cause we have no stove, so there’s not much more to be done unless you’d rather tinned sardines over the option of hot chips and curry sauce (c’mon, you only live once).

Extra accessories

And this isn’t just for the girls…

  • Hair chalks (I just bought mine off eBay for less than a fiver for 12! Get adventurous! TIP: spray the hair with water before applying to get an extra bold effect!)
  • Metallic tattoos – all the rage right now and no wonder, they look awesome. I bought a few with some cute colours running through the designs, I’ll be glitzing myself and the girls up over the five days!

Ok so the next few are probably more classically feminine, but I love Eddie Izzard and I think he’d love this too

  • Glitter eye shadow – when do you ever wear those random colours? Now’s the time, summer and festivals equal all things glittering and gorgeous! (Plus, anything to distract from your drunk eyes and matting hair, ladies, & gents if you’re so inclined)
  • Glitter based nail varnish will always last a heck of a lot longer than basic nail varnish, unless you’re  going high end with the shellac, but this is way more affordable.
  • Lipstick, every colour, every shade… be daring, be bold.. now is the time.


So who’s going? I’m a new, fresh faced and overly keen fan of Sunset Sons.. I can’t wait! Who are you looking forward to seeing?

Cat Foley Survival Survival Boardmasters Festival 2015



Words by Cat Foley

Photos: All rights reserved by Boardmasters and Cat Foley










John Newman: Live at Brixton Academy

Popping Champagne for our pre-drinks and propping up against the bar in Brixton, you know you’re at the next level of live music enjoyment.

Gone are the days I spent jumping around in the pit and sweating my socks off whilst other friends lost shoes, finaled by spending our sweet savings on rip-off band merch outside the venue… The t-shirts were odd shapes and shrunk after the first wash, but we loved it and revelled in our awesomeness.

Cat Foley Survival Survival John Newman Brixton Academy

As much as I loved it, it really is best left for a younger energy.

I took my mum to see John Newman play his headline UK tour at Brixton Academy on one of the two sold-out shows. My mum has been one of my biggest musical influences and so, as much as she educated me in the music of the 80’s, 90’s and installed, an eclectic appreciation and love of music into me, she equally has been a fan of my music choices over the years and now we find ourselves listening to very similar playlists.

Cat Foley Survival Survival John Newman HP Connect Cafe De Paris London

John Newman is one such artist on our playlist, I had seen him at the live HP Get Connected gig with my friend Sherin in April this year and had been blown away by his live performance, and he was such a sweet guy in the interview prior you can’t help but feel happy that he’s doing so well. So following this I bought my mum a copy of the CD and she was equally as hooked.

Cat Foley Survival Survival John Newman HP Connect Cafe De Paris London

So when the opportunity arose, it made sense to take my mum to see him live in London – this is where we get back to the Champagne… Well, it was the only element of glam we could add to the evening, as then we took to the dirty tubes of the city and shuffled into the humidity that is Brixton Academy to enjoy our plastic cup G&Ts.. Naturally we found ourselves a spot at the back by the bar. We missed the support because we were, as ever, fashionably late (Champagne is not for rushing!).

Cat Foley Survival Survival John Newman Brixton Academy

The gig started with a video montage of some of his most famous performances and interviews played behind a sheer curtain before flurry of ticker tape came down as he kicked-off with his recently no.1 hit, Blame with Calvin Harris. The gig was fantastic whilst he entertained running back and forth the width of the stage, up and down his staircase, I’m not sure his choreography is quite the Elvis Presley he was hoping for, but really, with flawless vocals, who cares?

Cat Foley Survival Survival John Newman Brixton Academy

Despite how it may sound, Brixton Academy is one of my favourite venues; the sloping floor meant that even by the bar we had a decent view of the stage and the accoustics are always great. Plus it was where I went for my first gig way back in 2005. I took a moment to remind my mum  of how I’d made my way to London and acquire a gig ticket without paying a penny after her strict, ‘no way, no how’ response to my pleas to go. So naturally I went, she had to pay all my friends back after and I had a good four months of grounding.Cat Foley Survival Survival John Newman Brixton Academy

All in all we both had a great girls night, John Newman remains high in my estimations and my mum remains her ever fantastic, slightly mischevious company.. I won’t disclose our gin bill by the end of the night, let’s just say keeping the bar up is a thirsty job.Cat Foley Survival Survival John Newman Brixton Academy

My taste for drinks may have matured but my love of live music remains as young and excitable as ever, it’s always fantastic to have it satisfied to such a stellar extent by new talent, even more so when it’s beside one of my biggest musical influences… This is likely to become a more regular occurrence, we’re off to Paolo Nutini this Thursday!

Book a gig in Brixton here

Check out John Newman here




ME: Girls, Gin, Gaudi and The Green Man.

JEss NEw Girl Love

It’s been a while and it appears Bridget Jones may once more be signing in, how’s life your end? Well, I take that back.. that there, my dear, is the 90’s version of a single London life, now I would happily compare my life to New Girl’s Jess, happy, slightly mental and questioning a number of ‘normalities’ in life!


After one year of living with my fabulous housemate Rachel, we’ve squeezed in a holiday in Barcelona and a festival in Wales together this summer.. That was all ok once we came to terms with (rely upon) each others ‘individualities’, yep, we’re both pretty mental – who knew!

Just drinking cider in the Brecon Beacons in the pouring rain genuinely having a cracking time.

Poncho Pals

What luck! so yes, I’m pretty sure we’ll be expecting a cat anytime now. Domestic bliss is what it is, nourished with a good dose of gin, gossip and Gosling googling… sighhh..

Ryan Gosling

Would you believe me if I said he took my bags from me just after this photo was taken..

Camping Cat

 It’s completely true, he’s a big Green Man Festival fan.

So what else?

What else? George?

No I wasn’t really referring to George, but he’s lovely isn’t he?

The what else is..

I also had a secondary trip to Barcelona with my partner in fashion frolics, Sherin. After  booking a slightly disastrous impulse trip to Spain, shall we say the sangria went sour before I saw the sun,  I then had to change location and trip buddy..  Never to be too discouraged by my heart on sleeve calamities, because everything does happen for a reason, there were a lot of reasons this holiday was good for us both!

Gaudi Girls

We spent days on the beach, though it was so busy we found ourselves a little rock pool to perch by… Little mermaid eat your heart out. (No honestly, I was singing Under the Sea)

Hanging out on the rocks..

this is the ‘Little Mermaid’  moment.. (actually a separate occasion, but you have rights to do these things more than once when on holiday.. )

Little Mermaid moment..

Another night time spent one early morning after coming out of a club sat on the beach until the sunrise.. This was the beach abyss just before we headed out for the night, beautifully bleak.

The blissful beach abyss...

And this was at Port Olympic as we strolled into the sunrise.. Ahh the romance (quite honestly we were desperate for bed by this point and slightly chilly)

Spanish Sunrise Stroll..

Caught on camera in the club…

Sleepless in Spain..

 Messing around in Gaudi’s Park Guell…

Guell's Girlfriend

Guell goofing..

Guell Girls

Safe to say Lana Del Ray really has got it right when she says Summertime Sadness.. Where did the time go?

But let’s not be too bitter..

What a total classic. This is the summer tune..

Along with The Cure, Mint Car (but of course).. Love this.

MUSIC: Crown Jewel Defense

Moshing, mental hair, metal riffs and monstrous solos… This wasn’t a tribute act for the 80’s… Welcome American Rockers Crown Jewel Denfense to the UK.

Playing to an intimate crowd at The Borderline, it’s clear they’re still breaking through to the UK scene, but also doubtless they’re on the cusp of the crazed-fan rush and these Californian boys are taking it in their stride. Their live performance was something to marvel with more neon and nylon than I care to recollect, whilst their set, despite a bloodied finger for lead singer Taylor Hood, was pitch perfect and yes we’re talking high-pitch. The flawless performance of their own songs was only surpassed by acoustic melodies of classics including a bit of Backstreet Boys and Britney.

There’s a comparison that must surely be made with British hair rockers The Darkness, who ruled over crimpers and leggings with high –pitched perfection and UK acclaim, CJD make no qualms in throwing their hair in much the same way, but with a fresh fervour to claim the ‘Glitter Glam Rock Gods’ title for their own.

CJD - Feb 13

CJD FC - Feb 13

Words by Cat Foley


Originally published in Ourzone magazine Feb 2013

MUSIC: Mallory Knox: Signals


Not only have Mallory Knox made waves in the rock world, their new album ‘Signals’ is one hell of  Christmas cracker, well worth a listen whether you’re a Christmas Grinch or enjoy seasonally rocking around the Christmas tree. The first release ‘Wake Up’ is available for download on iTunes  now, whilst their upcoming release ‘Lighthouse’ has made the Radio One c-list, and as if that wasn’t enough they’ve clocked number two in Kerrangs! Top ten bands to listen to in 2013.

This acclamation doesn’t come from thin air or because they fit into the current musical trend of rock verging on mainstream styling, (not tame like Lawson, for this we offer sincere gratitude) the album is well worth the complimentary adornments. Playing The Garage, London, in January it will soon be evident if the hype translates to a live crowd.

Stand out track ‘Misdemeanour’.


Rating: 8/10

Words: Cat Foley

Originally published in: Ourzone Magazine

Mallory Knox FC Jan '13 Mallory Knoz

MUSIC: Billy Talent / Awolnation / Don Broco

It smells like teen spirit, belonging to the early noughties and we all know why, everyone’s here to revisit the nostalgia of being a ‘post-hardcore’ kid from the word ‘emo’… We mean ‘Go’. Billy Talent laid the path for the likes of their support acts development much like Incubus and Nirvana laid the way for theirs, and daren’t we forget it, these guys were the shit.

The Don Broco boys, on form as ever, warmed the crowd up to the expected degree. Commanding King status over the current rock pop revival with cheeky dance moves and ladish lines, these guys have consumed much of the music scene definition at the moment, the Billy Talent and Taking Back Sunday band of the era.

Sadly second support, Awolnation, can’t be said to have wooed the crowd sufficiently enough for comment, a rather motionless and placid affair.

But back to nostalgia, and that’s why we’re all here; to feel young and reckless. Though it’s unlikely these guys could do no wrong, they do it beyond right. The crowd ravage through ‘Fallen Leaves’ and ‘Red Flag’ like their lives depended on it. The contribution and the atmosphere electrifies with regained youth, whilst the newest album, the first release not to be self titled, reminds us of the development and change in both the band and ourselves. Viking Death March, the first single from their new album ‘Dead Silence’ imploring a crowd reaction which proved they have both kept their noughties fans and revamped their presence inline with the Broco boys of the music world… Watch out boys, this is how it’s done. Our high school (not quite so) veteran rockers on old British stomping ground, and my god did we love it.


Originally published in Ourzone Magazine 

MUSIC: Lower Than Atlantis / Don Broco / The Dangerous Summer

Lower Than Atlantis are back, the edge of disgruntled pessimism towards life and love has understandably been eroded by the joys of touring Europe in their new album Changing Tune, and their last UK show at Camden’s Electric Ballroom rocked our granddad socks off!

Two great supports set the stage; Dangerous Summer’s catchy chorus love tunes in their sweet all-American sound, resonant of Dashboard Confessional, had the crowd swaying and singing with ‘Never Feel Alone’ setting the bar for the Don Broco boys.

Hitting the stage with more energy than a puppy for a bone, Don Broco certainly aren’t as innocent. Their new single ‘Hold on’ caused a hormonal atomic bomb with synced dance moves to match, some kind of ‘pop-rock boy band’ vibe; think JT crosses Papa Roach rollin’. The crowd soaked up the whole set, bodies on shoulders, press ups in pits, the usual chaos that surrounds these boys amplified by their last night on the LTA tour.

Lower Than Atlantis hit the stage with their newest release, ‘Love Someone Else’ instantly displaying the lyrical optimism that tints their new album, yet still encased in their raw edgy, rough and ready sound so key to their attire. Taking this tour round Europe it’s clear they have the energy for it, the crowd was stuffed full of fans who easily recognised both the new and old singles, this felt like a home show, an electric and proud support was pelted towards them, something like a well wishing, ‘Go get ‘em!’ from the family before their travels abroad.


Rating 8/10


Cat Foley


Young Kato initially hit you with the depth of the front man Tommy Young’s vocals, soon to be surrounded by the atmospheric backing vocals and instrumental that metaphorically struts along side both, exuberant with attitude and strength.

For such a young band these guys have something seriously developed about their production and lyrics, with a sound more mature than they should rightfully propose. It works and it’s catchy, not in  predictability of a repetitive pop style, but in a foot-tapping, bad ass strutting like Jagger sense; slapped with melodic emotional waves synonymous with REM, Bloc Party and Editors.

Their EP ‘Young Kato’ to be release September 9th is easy but evocative listening, if these lads have more of this up their sleeves we are sure to be hearing far more about them in the coming months.

Drink Dance Play’ spikes indulgences of their youth, whilst track ‘Life’s Good’ offers a mature tone of pace and lyrics.

Cat Foley :

Orginally written and published in OurZone Magazine 


INTERVIEW: Swarovski Crystallised Lounge: Karin Park

Singer, Karin Park, is the latest and hottest upcoming artist from Scandinavia and has partnered with Swarovski Crystallised to showcase the latest collection, which includes designer collaborations with the likes of Jean Paul Gautier and Gian Paolo Maria.

Last week saw the singer come to London’s Swarovski Crystallised Lounge to perform a short set and model some of the pieces from the new collection.

Bring the Noise got the chance to interview Karin Park about her partnership and also about her upcoming UK tour.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Swarovski?

Karin Park: Swarovski is quite a traditional brand but they do jewellery that are tools as well and I think that’s pretty cool. The jewellery is just so lovely so I decided that if they wanted to do something in my style and the way I want to be seen then let’s do it.

The pieces are very suited to your style, so I can see why they thought the collaboration could work. Do you have a favourite piece?

Karin Park: I’m wearing my favourite piece: this necklace that I’m wearing. It’s a bit Asian and I grew up in Japan so I love the Asian style.

Do you have any further plans to collaborate with Swarovski or anyone else, or are you more focused on your music?

Karin Park: I get offers from a lot of brands to do something and I’ve turned down a lot of things as they’re not relevant to me. The thing about Swarovski is that they also wanted me to play here and listen to my music, and were interested in me as a performing and song writing artist and I think that’s important. For me, it’s all about music – it always has been – and everything I do comes from that. I’d like to do modelling, but I’m very picky with what I do because I want it to be relevant to me as an artist.

Are you just doing this collaboration with Swarovski in the UK, or also abroad?

Karin Park: As far as I know, I’ve only worked with the people here in London.

Tell us about the upcoming tour you have in the UK.

Karin Park: It begins in September. We start by supporting Gary Numan in Reading and Norwich, and then we’re going on our own little tour for a few days in and around London. We’ve done a Northern tour around the UK, and are now doing a Southern tour.

Interview by  Cat Foley

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