Bondi to Bronte …Surf’s up!

Bondi is stunning, I’m not sure if I have actually said it yet, given that the pictures speak for themselves. But it’s clean, there’s no shops or stalls imposing on it and it’s filled with fairly considerate people – equally it doesn’t quite hold the same character of the British beach with its wind breakers, sand castles and dug out pits that scatter the sand, the kids here seem happy to go boogie boarding and splashing around in their wetsuits in those insane waves. The waves are perfect for surfing and that’s exactly what’s going on, I think they must sell more surfboards than cars here, I’ve seen surfboards on busses, attached to bikes, even people on skateboards carrying surfboards. I think I might get myself one for the aesthetic, knowing me I’ll knock someone over with it or trip myself up on the street… Ok, no surfboard. 

So being that we’re on the coast there are plenty more lovely beaches to see and it’s evident they’re really rather proud of these, with prompts to recycle everywhere you look and alcohol prohibited in most public areas outside of bars here, (Sydney that is)there’s no mess and that’s how they intend to keep it. To enhance the appreciation they have coastal walks, which naturally we have walked a few times now.

 Our first coastal walk was from Bondi beach to Bronte beach, which we’ve done twice now. The walk is beautiful and takes an hour each way once you factor in the ‘awe and appreciation moments’ that cause you to stop and stare for a minute or two, occasionally this is a well formed rock or a view of the horizon and sometime it’s just a rather beautiful body jogging towards you – both great feats of nature. But truly, the walk is surrounded by the most amazing arrange of shrubbery, all with thick and waxy leaves, hard but beautiful plants scale the rock face whilst the natural water trickles down the edges back into the ocean. The rocks are worn in beautiful angles and softened caves, the hollows are akin the the shapes in skulls and the steps up and down follow the natural movement of the shore. It’s beautiful as you pass by Tamarara beach, a smaller beach where every time we pass therea almost cliche game of volleyball going on and a dip in the ocean pool at Bronte is a refresher, (read: could poke someone’s eye out and saltier than you’d expect) well it is the ocean. The waves that crash in heavily on this coast remind you why you’d rather swim in a closed area. The waves are powerful and strong in Bondi, perfect for the surf but not a little lady swimming out there… Yet people do it, but at a guess I’d say they’re locals, they respect the water and are well aware of its abilities, which is why most of them surf! 

We’re considering paddle boarding… I’ll keep you posted on that one.


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