Superfood Smoothie for the Hangover?

Saturday hangover smoothie? “Not on your nelly! Pass me the eggs and streaky bacon.”

Yes, I thought so, that’s why I made mine on Friday morning in an effort to be virtuous before the wreckage a Friday night holds, I’ve given my body the best chance of feeling ever so slightly less wrecked tomorrow and wholly super to kick off my weekend! That’s the actual point of these things, right?

It’s a all about a healthy balance, plus cocktails count towards your five a day and the important unwind from the week comes from the dancefloor therapy, not a yoga class at 6pm. I may be healthy, but I’m still not buying into it enough to give up my Friday nights.

I quite liked the idea of having a smoothie this morning, mostly because I’m a nibbler and I figured I could sip this throughout the morning and not attack the fridge at around 11…

…It didn’t work, I had a macaroon and coffee, but still, I had a good dose of vitamins and more so, it was delish! I also bought a few new superfood powders which I managed to sneak into it without having to taste them, as a result (psychosomatic or not) I’ve been on a higher level today, I’m telling you there’s definitely something behind this smoothing, juicing and powders malarkey.

So, what did my virtuous brekkie consist of? I hear you cry, well I shall let you in on the secret of a fabulous Friday, maybe even try it on a Monday, but I’m not sure what excuse you could make for being so happy and vibrant on a Monday without others wondering the worst.

These ingredients are pretty adaptable depending on your preference, but I went for the following(I don’t mind if you copy):

  •  2 small ripe bananas
  • 2 dates (totally optional, I added them for sweetness as my bananas weren’t that ripe)
  • 1/2 cup of mixed frozen berries
  • one carton of Wahta maple water – this stuff has ooooh so much good stuff in it! But if you want you can use almond milk or water
  • a teaspoon of nuts’n’more peanutbutter –  again, this has more than just nuts in it, with no refined sugar and added protein from flax and whey powder, this stuff packs a punch! But you could use any nut butter for protein or just add some whey protein powder
  • a big handful of spinach – get those iron levels up
  • 1/2 teaspoon of matcha – a refined green tea powder with super detox powers and a great caffeine boost
  • 2 teaspoons of maca powder – my new favourite, this powered maca root is brilliant for a wide range of things, including hormonal balance, energy, skin and a big dose of vitamins
  •  Some Chia seeds for the top – a nice crunch and full of protein and omega oils
  • 2 1/2 tablespoons of maple syrup, it’s a wholly natural sweetener and provides a small does of manganese, great for your skin and bones among other things
  • a teaspoon of cinnamon to keep your blood sugar level steady with all that fruit and curb hunger through the morning


Considering the amount of nutrients this hosts, the only ingredients you can taste is the fruit, I’d say that does pretty well in the super smoothie ratings!

We're going maca smoothie, it'll be the nuts!

We’re going to maca smoothie, it’ll be the nuts!


Looking berry good so far...

Looking berry good so far…

If you wanted more of a juice than a smoothie, maybe replace the banana with an apple and the dates with some grapes and cucumber and pour it through a sieve to removed most of the hard skin residues… I think I’ll be trying a few more recipes, so I’ll keep you posted.

& remember the nutrients and vitamins jam-packed powders...

& remember the nutrient and vitamin jam-packed powders…

Wahta-ever you do, don’t forget the maple water

The ingredients listed did make a much larger amount, this little portion (below) was just for show and I then drank it as a quick boost before I left the flat this morning, the rest decanted intp my travel bottle and I sipped on the go and finished itat my desk.

Cat Foley Survival Survival Wahta Maple Water Nuts 'n' more, Maca Powder, matcha tea, super smoothie

Super berry smoothie.. Chia later hangover!

Go, have fun, be merry, de-stress on the dancefloor and then recoup with a super smoothie!


Plus, if smoothies aren’t your thing I’d still like to introduce you to maple water.. I drink some after a run to rehydrate. Coconut water is still a favourite of mine as it’s so readily available, but if you can get hold of this stuff, it’s seriously good and holds a huge range of benefits! Wahta you waiting for?!


Cat Foley Survival Survival Wahta Maple Water Nuts 'n' more, Maca Powder, matcha tea, super smoothie


Words and photos by Cat Foley


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