MUSIC: Crown Jewel Defense

Moshing, mental hair, metal riffs and monstrous solos… This wasn’t a tribute act for the 80’s… Welcome American Rockers Crown Jewel Denfense to the UK.

Playing to an intimate crowd at The Borderline, it’s clear they’re still breaking through to the UK scene, but also doubtless they’re on the cusp of the crazed-fan rush and these Californian boys are taking it in their stride. Their live performance was something to marvel with more neon and nylon than I care to recollect, whilst their set, despite a bloodied finger for lead singer Taylor Hood, was pitch perfect and yes we’re talking high-pitch. The flawless performance of their own songs was only surpassed by acoustic melodies of classics including a bit of Backstreet Boys and Britney.

There’s a comparison that must surely be made with British hair rockers The Darkness, who ruled over crimpers and leggings with high –pitched perfection and UK acclaim, CJD make no qualms in throwing their hair in much the same way, but with a fresh fervour to claim the ‘Glitter Glam Rock Gods’ title for their own.

CJD - Feb 13

CJD FC - Feb 13

Words by Cat Foley


Originally published in Ourzone magazine Feb 2013

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