INTERVIEW: Swarovski Crystallised Lounge: Karin Park

Singer, Karin Park, is the latest and hottest upcoming artist from Scandinavia and has partnered with Swarovski Crystallised to showcase the latest collection, which includes designer collaborations with the likes of Jean Paul Gautier and Gian Paolo Maria.

Last week saw the singer come to London’s Swarovski Crystallised Lounge to perform a short set and model some of the pieces from the new collection.

Bring the Noise got the chance to interview Karin Park about her partnership and also about her upcoming UK tour.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Swarovski?

Karin Park: Swarovski is quite a traditional brand but they do jewellery that are tools as well and I think that’s pretty cool. The jewellery is just so lovely so I decided that if they wanted to do something in my style and the way I want to be seen then let’s do it.

The pieces are very suited to your style, so I can see why they thought the collaboration could work. Do you have a favourite piece?

Karin Park: I’m wearing my favourite piece: this necklace that I’m wearing. It’s a bit Asian and I grew up in Japan so I love the Asian style.

Do you have any further plans to collaborate with Swarovski or anyone else, or are you more focused on your music?

Karin Park: I get offers from a lot of brands to do something and I’ve turned down a lot of things as they’re not relevant to me. The thing about Swarovski is that they also wanted me to play here and listen to my music, and were interested in me as a performing and song writing artist and I think that’s important. For me, it’s all about music – it always has been – and everything I do comes from that. I’d like to do modelling, but I’m very picky with what I do because I want it to be relevant to me as an artist.

Are you just doing this collaboration with Swarovski in the UK, or also abroad?

Karin Park: As far as I know, I’ve only worked with the people here in London.

Tell us about the upcoming tour you have in the UK.

Karin Park: It begins in September. We start by supporting Gary Numan in Reading and Norwich, and then we’re going on our own little tour for a few days in and around London. We’ve done a Northern tour around the UK, and are now doing a Southern tour.

Interview by  Cat Foley

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